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Aero Bowls

READYMADE -Dynamic Size 2 Grip ZScoop Colour Iris Logo Star Date stamp 33 (P)

READYMADE -Dynamic Size 2 Grip ZScoop Colour Iris Logo Star Date stamp 33 (P)

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Aero Dynamic

Used by our World Champions when the wind is low and greens are fast. Engineered with the very accurate Harbour Bridge arc, of the same line everytime, About 30 cms tighter than an Optima. Perfectly suited for use on artificial and grass greens running from 14 seconds right up to 20 seconds or more. As with all narrower bias bowls good weight and grassing is required.

The Dynamic is by no means a straight bowl and is used by Skips to go around anything on the green….the choice Aero give the bowler is a model whereby many may prefer a bowl that has a slightly tighter line than the Optima.

As with every Aero model the UNIQUE feature of hold on the upshot with minimum weight is a huge advantage in scoring and winning the end. In the wind….the added density of the material we use together with the unique shape of Aero Bowls makes Aero the most stable bowl.

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