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Our Harbour bridge trajectory was decided as the ultimate line to the jack by some of the world’s best bowlers.


What's the difference and why is the difference so crucial.

On the draw shot every Aero Model starts to turn approximately half way between the mat and the jack.
The unique Aero Trajectory holds the line with weight more than any other brand.This is why it is important to use the correct recommended model for the various surfaces.

International models have bias's designed to perform on the much slower greens than those found in Australia and New Zealand who have the fastest greens in the world.

Thus the Optima could be used ONLY on Indoor surfaces quicker than 15 seconds.It will not perform on outdoor greens and we strongly recommend that you do not attempt this.

The Quantum is designed for the average Indoor Green that runs faster that 13 seconds.It will be a narrow bias by Overseas standards.It should not be used for outdoor surfaces as the trajectory will show minimum if any turn.

Ideal for grass greens outside of Australia and New Zealand are the Groove and Sonic. (These models cannot be used on Australian Greens).

The Sonic is ideal for slow outdoor greens,particularly at the beginning of the season.The Groove will perform when the greens are a little quicker.The Groove is also a very successful bowl on UK, Canadian Indoor greens which tend to be slower due to heating on the enclosure.

Alex Marshall prefers Grooves on most indoor rinks as he prefers a wide draw.In Australian Indoor he will use Optima or Quantum.(Australian artificial rinks are generally outside and the greens is impacted by weather conditions).

All models can be purchased on the Build Your Bowl Website for shipment direct to door.


- Less affected by the wind

- Designed to perform on tricky or uneven greens

- Manufactured with a gentle turn towards the target

- You can see the line as the bowl travels

- Exceptionally accurate hold and tracking to the target

The logic is straight forward, more time from the centre point to turn towards the target. The Aero midpoint arc is made possible by the state-of-the-art manufacturing process that ensures complete consistency and incredible accuracy which can be seen on the greens. No other brand can match these features.

While with Aero every set of a model is the same know exactly what you are getting when you buy an Aero bowl. Aero are the most advanced manufacturing unit for bowls and all processes are fully approved by World Bowls and every bowl is table tested to ensure World Bowls compliance.