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Aero Comfitpro Bags

You will feel the part with an AERO/Comfitpro  Top End Luxury bag
Aero-Comfitpro design their trouble free bowls bags from scratch. They have been the biggest selling luxury bowls bags for over 12 years.(Ours are not modified suitcases).

Our luxury bowls bags are manufactured in one of the world’s most advanced factories. All bags have specially designed moulded bases that are extremely tough and fray resistant except for our LX which is manufactured using an incredibly strong ABS frame.The LX is the ultimate TOP END large bowls bag.

All Aero bags come with jam proof zippers and are made of water and tear resistant fabric. They have nylon lining which allows wet gear to be placed anywhere in the bag. All bags have multiple compartments for storage of all the bits and pieces bowlers require for the game. Every bag model comes with two, two bowl carriers as standard something Aero invented....and registered but let other brands use the idea in the interests of convenience for bowlers.

CSX UltraGlide h51 x d29 w34 approx

The ALL NEW CSX Bag is a revolution in Bowls Bags from the company that sell more top quality bowls bags than any other.

Our 2020 model is a  a huge innovation in bowls bags. With 4 extra large Ultra EasiGlide wheels giving finger tip more pulling or pushing a bowls bag.

Large enough for everything you'll need for bowls, including an occasional second set.Made from a very high quality ripstop material that is water resistant and UV treated for sun protection.

Designed so the bag when lying flat  on the side of the green is protected from touching the grass and thus subject to  fraying.

The CSX is designed with all bowlers in mind, from the casual to the professional....the key being easy to move around with 10 kgs of weight.

Inside we have provided 2 two bowls bags that can be strapped down .

Incredibly tough zippers are used with double stitching to give strength to all sections.

Designed specifically for  Bowls the CSX is certainly not a suitcase on 4 wheels. It is a purpose made bowls bag that will last years with a little care.

Available in Ocean Blue with Silver trim and Wine with Silver trim the CSX looks the part.


CX Ultraglide Bag. h38 x w32 xd23

The CX is supplied with 2 Two Bowls Bags. The base is moulded EVA designed by Aero. Lightweight yet very strong and incorporating two straps that will hold the small two bowls bags securely.

Water-resistant ripstop material incorporating very tough zippers and double stitching together with protection all around against scuffing.

LX UltraGlide

Our LX Bag is designed to cater for the bowler who wants the top of the range bowls bag. The LX is the world’s biggest selling luxury bowls bag and has maintained that spot for over 10 years.

The bag contains 2 x 2 Bowls bags.

A specially designed compartment for clothing n the outside as well as a net compartment in the bag.

An outside compartment that is designed for all the accessories required.

Extra strong carry handle and a pull handle tested to destruction with thousands of pulls.

Large wheels for stability, re -enforced corners and industrial quality zippers make the LX an exceptional bag.

Available in Blue, Maroon and Green/Gold

BUY LX UltraGlide


The biggest selling luxury bowls carry bag worldwide.

Our largest carry bag is made using a strong moulded lightweight base that never touches the ground making scuffing a thing of the past.

Made from 800 denier rip-stop tear and water resistant fabric.

Two purpose designed two bowl carriers are standard and in the UK a waterproof cover is supplied.

Moulded base for strength

Base protected from touching the ground

Clip on Golf type shoulder strap for comfort and extra strong bag handles when not using the shoulder strap.

Multiple pockets on the side and space for jumpers, clothing and waterproofs in the upper section. In the lower section you will find more space for clothing and all your bowls accessories.

Available in Blue, Maroon or Purple