Because of Aero’s state of the art manufacturing facility, we offer more sizes than any other brand


Our state of the art machinery can make all models in full and half sizes. Aero manufacture more sizes than any manufacturer.

000   00   0   0.5   1   1.5   2   2.5   3   3.5   4   4.5   5

Note:Not every model is made in all sizes.We look carefully at demand.

The registered Z Scoop® grip effectively allows you to go up half a size and still have a secure hold on the bowl. Its so comfortable that now over 90% of our orders are for this grip.

The Shape of an AeroBowl differs from other brands.

We have chosen our shape to be the optimum shape for comfort in the hand, stability on the green that copes with imperfect surfaces whether they be artificial or on grass. On perfect surfaces, one will note the exceptionally even turn.

An explanation on weights

It is not possible to give an exact weight that will match every colour and size we make. The simple reason is that batches of colour may differ ever so slightly.This has no impact on performance on the greens

Different colours have very minimal differences in weights.  It is well proven that small variances in weight...up to 15gms between two same models has NO affect on performance.

Aero have selected a grade of melamine that has a heavy density that will provide exceptional stability on any surface.

Size Dia - MM Width Heavy (kg) Extra Heavy (kg)
00 118 105.45 1.282 1.298
0 119.5 106.95 1.316 1.340
0.5 120.25 107.7 1.344 1.361
1 121 108.45 1.372 1.390
1.5 121.75 109.2 1.397 1.415
2 122.5 109.95 1.423 1.441
2.5 123.25 110.7 1.448 1.466
3 124 111.45 1.473 1.500
3.5 124.75 112.2 1.504 1.523
4 125.5 112.95 1.535 1.548
4.5 126.25 113.7 1.565 1.579
5 126.8 114.25 1.585  


We suspect they are only saying this because they don’t make them, and this could well be for a number of different reasons.
Perhaps they cannot make them accurately enough for a half size? or it could mean having to maintain to many variants in stock?
Maybe its their method of manufacturing that does not allow for half sizes? Who knows?
Taylor Bowls claim there is ONLY 2oz (56g) between their different sizes in their range and this is a small difference?

At AeroBowls, that sounds like a big difference to us.
As a bowler with an Australian Title, I know like thousands of others do that 56g is a significant amount of weight difference in bowls. 
We believe that the half sizes in the Aero Bowls range are crucial to give our bowlers TOTAL flexibility and a perfect fit.
Our robotic manufacturing works to incredibly fine tolerances, making our bowls at genuine half sizes every time.
Together with our bestselling Z Scoop grip the bowler has the option of 12 precision sizes…no other bowls manufacturer can offer this.


Making it deeper removes material and makes the bowl lighter in weight and the line may be altered. A deeper grip when driving may be uncomfortable.

Aero’s Z Scoop is scientifically designed and has ZERO impact on the bowls weight or performance.