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Aero bowls supply Bowls throughout the world ...

You can use to order our Bowls on the Build Your Bowls Pages and you can order our shoes and bags as well. All items will be sent by air.

Two options to order:

1. To order AERO BOWLS International Models including: OPTIMA, QUANTUM, GROOVE & SONIC please contact us at or go straight to

2. You can order on line here

You will be paying in AUS $ converted automatically from your Credit Card Currency.

This process occurs at the checkout when you enter your country. Australian Sales Tax  of 10% is automatically deducted and freight depending on your area is added.

We reserve the right to correct Freight Charges should the actual freight cost be different….we will, of course advise you.

All models feature the very important Aero trait of exceptional hold on the upshot. All models turn approximately between the mat and your target on the draw. No Aero bowls has the infuriating hook that loses shots.

Please email should you want any technical assistance. 

For more information on our international models

international models

For information on our International Models Trajectories

International Models Trajectories