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Cameron Curtis - Bowls Mate Coaching Booklet - 3 Pack Set

Cameron Curtis - Bowls Mate Coaching Booklet - 3 Pack Set

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Australia’s most successful coach and multiple world champion, Cameron Curtis is giving all bowlers the SECRETS to match winning bowling in 3 pocket-size, easy to read books that you can take to the green for easy reference.


Practice like a Champion. The SECRET drills, practice routines and skill tests that turned the Australian team into the world’s best and into the premier bowling nation.

  • Running Shots
  • Drawing to the ditch
  • The proven way of taking correct grass
  • Weight control techniques. 

Book Two - RINK MATE

Again SECRETS never shared but that led the Aussie team under Cameron to win more medals than ever before.

  • Learn consistency
  • Key Fundamentals when playing matches or even social bowls
  • Pre-shot routine
  • Perfect stance
  • 10 non-negotiable elements of delivery 


  • Learn SECRETS never before shared and examples employed by the world’s best
  • Develop a game plan - rolling up before the game is pointless unless you know what to look for.
  • When to attack – critical in a team game.
  • Study the opposition – what to look for.
  • Develop a winning strategy.


Now you can get all 3 booklets in one easy pack!

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