Why Choose Aero

Better Than Your Best!

No bowl tracks as accurately as an Aero Bowl and with the Z Scoop Grip and half sizes the bowler receives the perfect fit, this is what one needs for quality bowling, total control of the shot you are about to play.

Aero are the SAME LINE EVERYTIME, no other brand claims that, nor can they.

You can see this yourself on almost any green where you will find the other brands of bowls
being played, watch the vast majority of sets of the same model taking a different line.

Aero Bowls are known for the accurate hold on weighted shots, meaning one can play deadly accurate bowls with minimum weight.

The new model EVOLVE has been developed with even a greater hold.


Aero Models

Aero offer a range of models to suit all conditions, varying greens and most importantly the preferred bias of the bowler.

Bowlers who demand really tight bowls, play on top class greens faster than 16 seconds and have better than average weight control, may choose a Turbo Pro.

Those that prefer a bowl that's tight but has more draw choose a Dynamic.

Then there are those that prefer a bowl with still more draw (not old fashioned wide) and they'll choose the Optima, Australia's biggest seller.

Now, Aero offer the precision made Evolve that sits between an Optima and Dynamic and that has unbelievable hold on the on shot.

The Defiance is available for the bowler that prefers a much wider line and plays mainly on really slow greens 12/13 seconds.

The Quantum is for really slow carpet in Aus and NZ but that demands taking good grass to
score, this bowl is widely used in the UK on indoor greens.

The Unique Grip

From Aero you have a choice of Grips and Half Sizes for the perfect fit. No other Manufacturer offers all this. Aero grips are legendary & are registered designs and our manufacturing processes are

Our Registered Design Z Scoop grip is much more than just another grip. Position one, two or
three fingers on the grip and your bowl is automatically positioned for accurate grassing, you will have a perfect nonslip grip made by a high precision machine.

THE Z SCOOP is our most popular grip and is the most comfortable, making the bowl feel smaller when it in fact is not. Total Control is obtained with this registered designed grip.

We place our grips where bowlers expect them to be because before we designed them we had bowlers hold the models and then we made the grip, perfect  in a style that suits you best; Zig Zag, Aero Dentations and of course Plain Rings, meaning no grips.

For the perfect and most natural of deliveries nothing compares with an Aero in the hand, look at who uses Aero and the competitions they win. The worlds best all used Aero, Marshal, Foster, Murphy, Falkner, Kerkow, Henry, Lester, Wedlock, Kelly to name but a few.


The Relationship between Bias and Grip

Geometry and Science is the key.

We placed the Z Scoop grip in a position that would give perfect balance preventing any possible hook or flat finish, neither of which is a feature any bowler would want in a bowl. (Any bowl that has a hook or a flat finish needs to be avoided if you want to play accurate bowls).

The Draw Shot

Only Aero Bowls have a continual consistent arc finish to the target and nothing is more accurate than this trajectory, which is why the very best bowlers in the world use them.

What happens to an Aero bowl when playing a weighted shot?

The geometric properties of the design that are programmed into the robot is the reason for the absolutely consistent draw. The relationship between the bias and our various grips allows the bowl to bend at a pre-rogrammed angle that creates the accurate bias. It is a unique Aero algorithm that took hundreds of hours to write. We also used the expertise of the world's best bowlers. We don't just make bowls, we ENGINEER them to give perfection to all bowlers.

The On Shot

When one puts weight on for this important shot the unique Aero design allows the bowl to “stand up” with the minimum of weight for very accurate and thus effective shot making without destroying the head. As Alex Marshall says “nothing is quite like an Aero Bowl for accurate shot making using minimum weight.”

Our engineers, designers and players have given the game a bowl that is
way ahead in design and accuracy and we are very confident you'll enjoy them as
much as we do when making such high precision products.

Quite Simply No Ordinary Bowls.

The Robots

Our robots are the most advanced available and because of that we manufacturer the most accurate bowls ever made. It's the same machinery used to make parts for aircraft, hearing aids, formula one steering gear and camshafts. These all require degrees of accuracy to better than 5000's of a mm. It's in the feel, and you'll notice this when you pick up the bowl, perfectly shaped and balanced.

Our Guarantee

Aero are the only manufacturer who guarantee in writing that you will receive a perfect set of bowls that is the same as any other set of that model. No other bowls manufacturer has been able to offer such a guarantee.

It’s the same line every time.