Frequently Asked Questions

Frequestly Asked Questions

Due to the current global situation, Aero are moving more online in our business operations, in order to assist our customers we have put together some of our most commonly asked questions.

If your question is not answered below, the best way to contact Aero is at and we will get back to you with an answer within 3 working days.

Please be sure to include your phone number with area code as we may wish to discuss your inquiry in more detail.


Are Aero the largest manufacturers of Lawn Bowls?

Its True, Aero produce more Bowls…the same line eveytime,than any other Bowls Manufacturer in the World. Aero are No 1.

Can I Make custom colour bowls?

On our website you will see all colours currently available in stock. You can combine any of these colours to make your own variations. Custom colour combinations incurs a cost of $150.

What SIZE Bowl is right for me?

Testing for size is relatively easy and can be managed using any model bowl.
STEP 1: with your usual grip, take a bowl in your bowling hand
STEP 2: turn your hand over so it is upside down and if you can hold the bowl without it dropping or feeling as though it will drop, then you have your size.
NOTE: With an Aero Bowl and the Z Scoop it will even be easier to hold, and grip is absolutely everything in bowls! Go to Grips on our website and read all about the Z Scoop grip.

What GRIP do you recommend?

We are the ONLY manufacturer to offer a variety of grips. Our latest scientifically designed and registered grip is the Z SCOOP.

In your hand the bowl will feel perfectly balanced and the grip encourages one to keep the bowl facing down the running line for a smooth delivery.

The Z Scoop will also give the feel of holding a smaller bowl.
Other manufacturers, with their basic machinery, simply drill holes into their bowls – but at AERO it is a genuine grip! We use a 7-AXIS combined lathe and milling machine, essentially a Robot to make the world’s most accurate bowls.
Aero’s other registered design grips are the ZIG ZAG and DENTATIONS.

The Zig Zag gives a good grip and is placed on the surface of the bowl while our Dentation grip are indented for a light grip on the surface of the bowl. We also offer PLAIN RINGS.
Go to Grips on our website to learn more.

How long it will take to manufacture and deliver a set of bowls?

Subject to your colour request being in stock – we estimate around 5-7 weeks (Due to increased demand) for manufacturing and delivery.

We have ready-made bowls in stock online here for immediate delivery.

Should you require a purpose made colour and a personal logo delivery – please allow up to 7 weeks.

Will my set of Bowls have the same Trajectory?

Only Aero GUARANTEES the same line every time. Our Robots, which make the bowl from start to finish CANNOT make a bowl differently from another of the same model.
ONLY Aero Bowls have a consistent turn that commences approximately midway between the mat and the target. This is the trajectory sought by the world’s best. With our ROBOTS and very sophisticated programming we created the Harbour Bridge Trajectory. Since inception in 2012, with the world’s best on our books we have won more major titles than any other brand.
THE TRAJECTORY REALLY WORKS! This trajectory is much less affected by wind as the bowl has longer to turn gently towards the finish. In our view, all other models turn much later and are more affected by wind which moves the bowl across the centreline in a crosswind situation. HOLD ON THE UP SHOT: No other brand makes a standard from stock bowl that with minimum weight holds the line like an Aero Bowl. This Aero feature is key to the success of Aero Bowls and it is the most important shot in bowls.

Why do some Trajectories appear different?

Some people have asked; If it’s the same line every time so why are my Optima’s, Dynamics, Evolve or Turbo Pro’s running differently from another set I have seen on the green?
The reality is that they are not, however these are the various points that can affect a trajectory.
Aero’s CEO is a regular teammate of Kelvin Kerkow who produces one of the world’s smoothest deliveries. People ask, “why are his bowls wider than mine?” But in reality, they are exactly the same. Mid-game, we swapped bowls to demonstrate this fact.
A very smooth delivery sets the bowl off on the running surface perfectly resulting in the trajectory designed into the bowl.
A slight wobble will narrow up the line by up to a meter.
Stance on the mat…someone who does not stand in exactly the same place as you will achieve a wider or narrower trajectory.
The height of a person, how the bowl is held, and the smoothness and speed of delivery all affect the shape of the trajectory.
No need to be concerned though as you are guaranteed that it is a perfect set you have purchased…. “the same line every time.”

Why is the Harbour Bridge trajectory so very important?

An even trajectory to the target allows for maximum accuracy…a longer gentle turn is much less affected by wind than the hook finishes of other brands. It took Aero close to 9 months to perfect this trajectory and it is this trajectory that has won more major competitions than any other brand…with Kelvin Kerkow, Alex Marshall and Karen Murphy using Aero what better proof does one need?

Which Model is best for which surface?

Artificial Surfaces can be categorised into very slow, medium fast and very fast.
On an artificial surface there is very little difference between the surface and the running surface of the bowl…. the bowl can “slip” as it is traveling especially when playing a minimally weighted shot. For optimum results one should use an Aero model with some turn:
For a very slow carpet: Defiance
Medium speed carpet: Optima
Quick carpet: Optima or Evolve
Super-fast carpet: Dynamic
Sand Filled Nylon carpets: Optima

For Grass Greens of any type in AUS or NZL:
Up to 13 seconds: Defiance or Optima
From 14 seconds upwards: Optima if you prefer a wider line and Evolve for a tighter line (will provide phenomenal hold on the upshot)
Use a Dynamic for a tighter line… very good weight control is required to obtain good results with this bowl…. your margin of error is limited in that getting your grass incorrect will result in a relatively wide or across the head result.
The Aero Turbo Pro is suitable ONLY for greens that run consistently at 17 seconds or more and in areas that experience very little wind

For Grass Greens in the UK, South Africa, Hong Kong, USA or Canada:
Groove and Sonic models are the way-to-go - giving a wider trajectory for the very slow greens in these countries

How does wind affect bowls on the green?

The wind factor has serious effect on perfect outdoor bowls. While indoors your delivery is smooth and the same line every time - knowing how much grass to take leads to very good bowls. In terms of outdoor bowls, any ball or bowl that rolls are subject to wind as it slows down. The trick is to know which hand to play and which bowl to use. ALWAYS play the wide hand and let the wind do the work! When we designed Aero, it was obvious physics that demonstrated that allowing the bowl to turn for a longer period towards the target would result in a trajectory less affected by cross winds as opposed to a bowl that had a hook type finish. A cross wind simply accentuates the hook and takes the accuracy out of the bowler’s hand. Aero is only bowl with the mid-point trajectory which makes our models more wind friendly.
The only way on the green to see how an Aero tracks is to ask a good bowler to deliver one of your bowls to you while you stand at the jack. You’ll then notice the midpoint turn.

When did Aero start manufacturing bowls?

On January 13th, 2012 our Robotic factory commenced and we have manufactured over 60,000 perfect sets and we are now the market leaders worldwide.

How many sets can Aero make in a day?

That’s a trade secret, however we can tell you it is a lot in an 8-hour shift….and every set is a perfect set.

How will bowls I order be sent to me?

In Australia we currently use Direct Freight, and delivery is between 1 to 3 days. In some circumstances Post is used while for Overseas it is AMS, a postal service, TNT or DHL… while larger shipments, for example to the UK are sent via Schenker by air or sea.

What is the guarantee on my bowls?

From 1 st May 2020 the manufacturers warranty applies for 5 years. Note surface cracking that is barely visible is not a manufacturing defect and the bowl is totally unaffected as regards performance. Should your bowl crack in half it will be replaced without a time limit. See on our website full details of our warranty.

How do I polish my bowls?

Any furniture polish will polish up your set!

If I see surface cracks on my bowls, is this serious?

Surface cracks can be totally ignored….it is simply the composition of the raw material and all bowls manufacturers will experience the same issue. Further depending on the colour, surface cracks may be more or less visible. The performance of the bowl is completely unaffected.

However if you see Large cracks: Aero’s comprehensive guarantee means your set (after inspection) will be replaced free-of-charge excluding freight. You may have to choose a different colour from the original.

What do I do if my bowl has a chip in it?

The simple answer is to do nothing as a repair may affect the trajectory of the bowl. A chip even on the running surface will NOT affect the performance.

What does hold on the upshot mean?

When playing a slightly weighted shot (2 metres of weight) to remove a bowl or trail the jack, nothing is more annoying than watching a bowl dive away over the last few feet.
That happens with all other brands but not Aero which is designed to hold its line as though it was on rails. Only Aero is made by Robots to 5000th of a millimeter accuracy. The upshot or on-shot is considered the most important shot in bowls.

What if I am not happy with the paintwork on my new bowls?

Send us a photo and we’ll advise further on what action can be taken. We use an Oil Based enamel paint that does not fade and should last for several years. The glue used on rings may have an adverse effect as will any type of solvent used to clean your bowls.
Aero offers a free service to repaint your set. Please return to us postage paid with the form we will send to you.

Common questions about custom logos

Generally, we can produce any logo using our very sophisticated laser engraver and in-house Graphic Designer. However, some logos are simply not suitable to engrave on a bowl. We will contact you to discuss the finer points and details.
I received the wrong logo: Please send us a photo of both sides of the bowl together with invoice number and we’ll contact you to discuss.
Small vs large logos: Large are much more popular… if your bowls club requires you to have stickers we suggest cut them in half and stick them above and below the logo.Resale value will be better if you have large logo’s!

What does the date stamp mean?

World Bowls want every set to carry a date stamp. The date stamp changes at the end of a year. For example, a date stamp of 29 means the bowl was made in 2020 and in the year 2029 it will require retesting to check the bias is what it should be. Bowls without the World Bowls circle on the small side of the bowl are NOT LEGAL and cannot be used in a game of bowls.
What various letters refer to?
In the circle is a Z, this designates Aero Bowls the R is World Bowls registered Trade Marked and the current date stamp is shown

How do I order Club Clothing?

Email with your telephone number and one of our team will be in contact

How do I order Clothing with an Aero Logo?

Our retail shops stock shirts that carry the logo- please email us if you have a specific request.

Do I pay freight on my purchase?

Yes, freight is calculated based on weight and the latest live rates from our shipping partners

I live outside Australia; how do I order and what are the prices?

All prices are in $AUD, international orders will be excluding the 10% tax and shipped according to current freight rates.

Will I be sent an email when my order is received?

Yes, an automatic response is sent that lets you know we have received payment and your order when ordering from our website. We will also send confirmations when placing email or phone orders.

if I order a Trifecta, Duo, Picasso or Quad will the colours be in the same place on all bowls and will they be a straight line?

No, that is not possible as we cannot control the flow of colour once the moulding tool closes. However, that is the beauty of the multicoloured bowls. They are all individual sets. We won’t make the colours run along the sides of the bowl as another manufacturer does. The reason is that one cannot make an accurate bias due to the variation in weight of the different colours. Each set would need hand adjusting which means no two sets will be exactly the same so you will not know what trajectory your set will be.

How long are bowls covered by Guarantee?

Our Guarantee on manufacturing defects on Bowls is 5 years. Should your set crack open….which has never occurred to an Aero Bowl…it will be replaced FOC irrespective of the age.
All other products except shoes are guaranteed for 12 months for manufacturing defects. Shoes, as is standard in the industry have no guarantees other than a factory fault discovered within 3 months of purchase, when they will be replaced FOC.

How can I demo Aero Bowls?

If on the Gold Coast…Tweed Heads BC has an Aero Shop and 5 Bowling greens. Otherwise with so many Aero on the greens throughout the world, borrowing a set should present no problems. The best way to think about a Demo Set is the fact that the world’s best use AERO and that should give you the immediate confidence to purchase a set of the most accurately made bowls in the world.

On the green what will be the difference between the various sizes as regards performance?

Their will be no difference other than a bowl size 2 and lower requires a small amount of extra weight to get it up to the head.
Karen Murphy used a size 2 and a 2.5 while Ellen Falkner with 3 World Titles used a 1.5, Alex Marshall when with Aero, used a Groove size 3.
Always use a bowl that is very comfortable to hold thus between a 3, or a 3.5 or a 4 performance wise you will find no difference on the green.While a 4.5 or 5 on quicker greens are more difficult to stop… use a 4 if want a larger size.


Our mock-ups are done on a computer. Colours may not be accurate as the real thing, the logo when engraved by the HIGH PRECISION ROBOT may look different to the computer-generated logo.

If your bowl is a Trifecta, Picasso, Duo, Quad or Abstract it is impossible to have a perfect separation of colours.”

Once in the press that makes “the blank” from which the robots make the bowl one
cannot control the flow of colours.

The beauty and thus the popularity of our unique Speckled and Multi Colour bowls is the fact that the colours are not uniform…..may flow into each other and may
well have a section of the colour in another section of the bowl. Indeed each
bowl may be slightly different as to where the colours appear.

A solid coloured bowl will mark much more easily than speckled bowl when used over time. Also you may see
white spots which is called a burn mark. This is unavoidable and appears on every bowl made but is slightly visible on solid coloured bowls in comparison to a speckled bowl.

Solid logos look great, however, we are painting in a small area on essentially a plastic. An artist is employed to paint. Be advised that however carefully
painting is done it will not be the same as painting on a canvas. We have painted many thousands without issues or complaints.  Unfortunately we
cannot replace, modify or enter into a dialogue about your set. Painting is professionally done by a trained and qualified artist so rest assured your set will be as good as it gets within the limitations we work with.