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Aero Models

Aero bowls are totally different to all other brands - here's why

We use sophisticated 7 AXIS robots to make a bowl and as such we are able to offer a huge variety of models, grips, designs and importantly half sizes for all of our models.

Half sizes are crucial for correct fit in the hand, without the perfect fit, don't expect to play consistent bowls.

We offer a variety of grips.

The registered design Z Scoop is our No.1 selling grip.

Our Zig Zag and Aero Dentations are designed for bowlers that prefer the grip to be level with the surface of the bowl.We also offer plain rings.

It's the same line every time.

Our robots cannot change things while making a set. They follow a sophisticated programme.Our bowls do not move around in manufacture and we polish using the same system that polishes Rolex watches.No Aero Bowl is ever altered after manufacture and no Aero Bowl NEEDS to be altered after manufacture.

We guarantee the same line every time - but a dream for the Henselite XG 'Dreamline' or Taylor any other brand. The Henselite company are for sale as a loss making business,,,out of touch, out of date and outbowled by Aero who are  the worlds biggest manufacturer of bowls and the leading brand. Taylor we understand is also looking for a buyer.....out of touch, out of date and outbowled by the sophisticated Aero Brand.

Aero are the most Advanced Bowls Ever Maunfactured and are the No 1 Brand in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Bowls Models


Bowlers that prefer a wider draw-line (but not old fashioned wide) that is forgiving yet accurate and will allow the bowl to go around or under any bowl on the green to gain the shot.

Alex Marshall says:  "The Optima for me is an excellent draw bowl with the breeze or against it.



A major project writing an algorithm that allowed the Aero robots to engineer a bias between the Optima and Dynamic and produce a model with exceptional hold on the weighted shot.

You prefer a mid bias bowl with extra hold.

You want a bowl that works on any green surface faster than 14 seconds.



Favoured by bowlers who prefer a tighter line to the target.

Only if you have good quality greens that run at 15 seconds or above.

You prefer a bowl that has a narrower bias than an Evolve or Optima bearing in mind good weight control is required to score.



Our narrowest (tightest) bowl in the range.

You own a set of Optima or Evolve for conditions when a TurboPro will not be suitable.

DEFIANCE- An ideal 2nd set

Our widest bowl for Australia and New Zealand.

You prefer a wider bowl than our Optima.

Excellent on slow carpet, especially those carpets that track.


No Aero bowl is designed to go straight.

All Aero bowls have a perfectly shaped bias that allows turn for deadly accurate bowling.



Aero know that playing conditions vary dramatically in different countries where bowls are played.

All other countries have greens that are generally a lot slower and Aero have designed a range specifically for these areas .....  they are

Quantum - Groove - Sonic -Maxim.


An Aero bowl that is the best seller in Australia and New Zealand. The Optima in the above countries can only be used on Indoor surfaces… cannot be used outdoors in the countries mentioned above. Indoor greens need to run at 15 seconds or more measured over a distance of 90 feet. Anything less and the turn will not suit the majority of bowlers.



This model is designed for overseas indoor surfaces.

For overseas indoor Greens

Suitable for all playing positions.



A very versatile model and the most popular amongst bowlers in the above countries.Eminently suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor greens running 10 seconds or more.Suitable for all positions whether it be in Pairs, Triples, Fours or Singles.The Groove is Alex Marshall’s first choice. Available in all sizes,half sizes and grips including the Z Scoop our most popular grip.



This model is designed for front end players and Indoor Greens that run faster than 15 seconds.As with all Aero models it has a mid turn trajectory allowing for very accurate results.The Defiance cannot be used satisfactorily on outdoor greens that run less than 12 seconds which are those typically found in the countries listed. The Defiance is available in all sizes and all grips.



Designed specifically for grass greens at the beginning of the outdoor bowling season when they are particularly slow.The Sonic is a wide bowl for grass and is not suitable for Indoor Greens.This model can be the second model in ones armoury of two sets for grass greens. Available in all sizes and grips.