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Aero Bowls

Nirvana Jackaroo Neo Mens Shoes

Nirvana Jackaroo Neo Mens Shoes

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Aero Sports shoes for Bowls

 Aero shoes offer reinforced stability for outstanding balance.

The Nirvana Neo range of specialist bowls sports shoes offers features not found in any other lawn bowls shoe.

Manufactured with the assistance of some of the world's best bowlers, we have designed shoes that leave the opposition “Standing”.

What is different: Starting with the undersole we use a very grippy rubber compound. We make certain that the toe is well protected  (for those that kick bowls at the end of each end) or scrape their toe on the mat/grass when delivering.

The inner sole, the crux of the shoe. We stitch the inner lining to the shoe which assists in providing stability and keeping one's gait straight.

Into the shoes goes a well-padded EVA inner sole that is designed to wick away perspiration and provides exceptional cushioning, does not compress as time goes by and continues giving a feel of walking on a cloud.

The Aero Heel 

This vital part of the shoe is designed to keep your gait square which is essential for a good bowls delivery as well as providing exceptional comfort all day long.

The front of all Aero shoes allow for easy delivery and bending and when combined with our breathable mesh that can be easily cleaned one has a shoe that is so comfortable that 4 hours standing on a green will feel like 5 minutes.

Aero Shoes when compared with an Asics Bowls shoe – it was an Aero every time that came out the winner.

AERO BOWLS SHOES were FIRST LAUNCHED in they are the world's biggest-selling shoes.

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