Aero...Handmade Perfection

Aero...Handmade Perfection

Aero...Handmade Perfection

AeroBowls are made by Robots to incredible accuracy ..... 5000th of a mm.
Aero bowls are then gently polished using the same machinery that Rolex use.

Colours are Hand Mixed. The material is hand weighed to make a perfect mould using a four cavity press after which the mould is ready for the robots.

Hand Designed Logos by Cornel to your specification

- Hand Tested on our test table
- Hand Painted by a real artist
- Hand Polished
- Hand Checked
- Hand Packed

 Aero guaranteed perfection.

You can’t rush Perfection
That’s why the Aero Bowl you want can take 3 to 4 weeks to make.
Aero are quite simply the finest bowls ever made and       

with the same line evey time. Aero TRUE TRAJECTORY

    Aero used by the worlds best including Kelvin Kerkow.

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