Club: Port Sorell Bowls & Community Club 

Occupation: Carpenter 

Aero Bowls Used: Dynamic & Groove 

Why do you use Aero bowls: I love my aero bowls, I use them because there is such a variety and lots to choose from. I love the Z-Scoop grip and the fact I can use wide or tight bowls depending on the speed and width of the green makes aero bowls so good and easy to use. 

Career Goals: Obviously playing for Australia is at the top of my list but I would also love to win an Australian open and moving to the Gold Coast and pursuing bowls at a higher level is something I wish to achieve. 

Most Admired Player: Corey Wedlock for sure! 

Favourite Greens: Club Tweed definitely have my favourite greens.

Favourite quote: Live life to the fullest. 

Other hobbies and interests: Golf, Friends and family.


2024 Tasmanian Mixed Pairs Champion

2023 and 2024 Tasmanian Men’s Open Triples runner up

2023 Tasmanian Open Mens Bowler of the Year 

2023 Tasmanian Open Mens State Player (WA) 

2023 Tasmanian Open Mens Pairs winner 

Played in the latest UBC 

2022 Australian Under 18 boys Fours Gold medal

2022 Australian Under 18 boys overall winners 

Pathway Jackeroo 

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