The Karen Murphy interview

The Karen Murphy interview

You made the decision to join Team Aero. What was the reason for this change?

I’ve had a long standing and successful relationship with Taylor Bowls but the time was right for me to make a change. I’m a player who strives to continually improve my game so after having played with and against Aero players, I was becoming more and more intrigued about the bowls and if they would enhance my play. I’ve made many changes over the years such as developing my fitness, introducing different types of practice, so it’s crazy to think why wouldn’t I change my bowls if there is a more accurate bowl available.

So what happened when you tried the bowls?

I loved them. My first bowl was a toucher! The initial thing that drew me to the bowls was the way they felt in my hand. The scoop grip is awesome. The bowl sits in my hand perfectly, meaning a smooth release every time. I also found that the line of an AeroBowl is a much more consistent, predictable line and weight is easier to play too as they hold the line longer.

And is it as the marketing material says, same line every time?

I’ve got to be honest I was very skeptical about this but now I’ve played with the bowls, I can hand on heart say its true. And having visited the factory to see how they are made, and the accuracy of the process, I can see why Aero are the only brand to guarantee that every set in a model is the same. This is a huge plus.

In a latest advert, it says you would sell your bowls after matches. Is this correct and have you done this before?

Yes I will and the only reason is because I now know I can get another set exactly the same. And no I haven’t done this before.

Apart from the bowls, are there any other differences?

Yes, a few actually. The shoes are so comfy and provide great support, which is really important when you’re on the green for hours on end.  And the bags are awesome quality.

So was there any other reason you joined Aero?

It’s great to be part of a brand that’s growing so rapidly, who are reinvesting in the game and are constantly coming out with new things.

Finally what lies ahead for you now?

As one of Aero’s sponsored players, I’ll be doing a number of demo days, working with and meeting bowlers around the country which is something I love doing. I’ll be on hand to help with their game as well as give them advice and guidance on the right Aero model, size and grip for them.

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