IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT  - Aero Bowls and Bowls Australia

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Aero Bowls and Bowls Australia

After many good years, Aero Bowls' partnership arrangement with Bowls Australia, whereby we were appointed as its Preferred Bowls Manufacturer, has come to an end.

While we are sorry that this relationship has ended, and while we recognise that Bowls Australia has organized many well attended competitions over the time of our association, we have become concerned about the reduction in the number of bowling clubs and the number of regular bowlers in Australia over this time. This has given us cause to rethink how best to support and grow the game, and how best to use our sponsorship funding, since we believe the current initiatives of all of those involved in the game are not working in the way intended.

Consequently Aero has decided that, from 2023 onwards, we will support clubs and regular bowlers directly. We think that this direct sponsorship model is going to be the best way to grow the game.

Aero has become the preferred brand of bowls for tens of thousands of bowlers worldwide. The same line every time was a first. This comes from our use of robots to make our bowls, which allows bowlers of ANY standard the opportunity to perform better than their best…..and for the world champions to have extreme confidence that all sets are the same line everytime

Aero has introduced over 70 colours ,4 grips, 12 sizes and 10 models…. so it is hardly surprising we are the preferred choice for thousands upon thousands of bowlers.
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