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Aero Bowls are proud to have Charlie Herbert on our team. An outstanding bowler and a great all round sportsman

Charlie Herbert


CLUB: Laguna Beach, CA , USA

OCCUPATION: KiteSurfing Instructor

AEROBOWLS USED: All models (depending on the surface and conditions)



My belief is for a bowler to have success you must trust your bowls without question. Aero bowls gives me that level of trust. I can go anywhere and pick up a set of Aeros, and perform at a high level. 

CAREER GOALS: To be considered #1 in the World.

MOST ADMIRED PLAYER: Mert Issacman. He was an incredible mentor to me…

FAVORITE GREENS: Location- Laguna Beach LBC  Speed- Burnside Bowls Club, NZ


FAVORITE QUOTE: “ Do the things that others won’t, so you can be what others can’t…”


OTHER HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Kitesurfing, Paragliding, Downhill Mountain Bike Racing, & Coaching 


INTERESTING FACTS: I was a bodyguard for many Hollywood stars. I was on-air news talent for the # 2 market in the world (Los Angeles). I worked for LA Lakers basketball, LA Kings Hockey, and Disney Sports as a Technical Director and Director of TV.      




USA National Highlights


US Open Rinks Champion

3x USA National Singles Champion

6x USA National Champion runner-up

9x National Championship Playdowns Champion

9x SouthWest Open Champion

11x South Central Open Champion

3x South Central SaIsbury Singles Champion

3x Southwest Murry Allison Singles Champion

2x Southwest Cary-Mac Pairs Champions


2x North American Challenge Singles Champion

2x World Cup Singles

Atlantic Rim Games Skip

Asia Pacific Games Skip


14 year Team USA -Team Player & Captain