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Matthew Flapper (AUS)

CLUB: Ocean Grove, VIC

OCCUPATION: Bowls Manager

AEROBOWLS USED: Aero Optima Size 5 – Z-Scoop. We can play on anything from 12 – 17 seconds in our Region so for me Optima suits our conditions as the best all-rounder. I am liking the line of the Evolve and will switch between the two sets in due course. 

WHY DO YOU USE AEROBOWLS? Since switching over in 2019 I have really enjoyed using Aero’s. I love the feel of the Z-scoop grip in your hand. This grip is quite possibly the most advanced piece of technology that aids bowlers in choosing the right size of bowl and simplifying the grip they have on their bowls.

CAREER GOALS: Even though I am in a position where I have retired from National competition I am still an active player at BPL, UBC and State level. I spend more time now coaching and assisting our next generation of bowlers and a lot more involvement in Bowls administration.

MOST ADMIRED PLAYERS: I have been lucky enough to play with some Australian greats. Growing up I admired the way Steve Anderson went about it. Watching Rob Parrella was always exciting and having the chance to play alongside the likes of Steve Glasson, Rex Johnston, Karen Murphy, Brett Wilkie, Nathan Rice, Aron Sherriff and Mark Casey was terrific. I have loved watching and playing a small part in the rise of Aaron Wilson and keep your eyes out for Kira Bourke.

Internationally – Alex Marshall, Paul Foster & Jeremy Henry.

FAVOURITE GREENS: Anything running between 14-16 seconds will do.

FAVOURITE QUOTE: “Dare to Dream” or “Living the Dream” although I probably use living the dream often in the wrong context.

OTHER HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Love Fishing, having a hit of Golf and getting away from Bowls. Enjoy going out for Breakfast on non-bowls days with Linda (probably does not happen enough).


  • Australian Representative 2013 – 2015
  • Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist Glasgow 2013
  • International Bowler of the year 2015
  • Multiple Trans-Tasman Series Winners
  • 8 Nations Champions Glasgow 2013
  • Victorian Open Triples Champions 2019
  • Victorian Open Singles Champion 2016
  • BPL 11 Runner Up – Melbourne Roys 2020
  • BPL Cup State Winners 2020 & 2021
  • Australian Open Triples Champions 2012
  • NSW Grand Prix Men’s Pairs Champions 2011
  • U18 Victorian Coach 2018-2020
  • Co Host of the Bowls Australia “Bowls Show” 2020
  • Completing the Great Cycle Challenge in 2020 riding 1000km in October
  • (Raising funds for Kids fighting Cancer)
  • State Pennant Champions – Ocean Grove 2013, 2017 & 2018
  • Victorian Triples Champions 2013
  • One of only 2 players to represent Australia in both Indoor Carpet Bowls and Outdoor Bowls (Brett Wilkie is the 2nd)