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Introducing the Aero Momentum Multi Size.

The Aero Momentum has a bias similar to our Optima, and a grip that is similar to the Z Scoop.…The Momentum   is available in 4 colours and has logos from our logo book. Logos are painted white and neither the logo nor paintwork can be changed or selected.

Our MUlti Size  means the Momentum will  suit bowlers who would use either a 2 or a 2.5 or a 3

 As with every Aero model, it is the same line everytime….it is a precision bowl.

 Order Aero Momentum  for Barefoot Bowls at the price of $385 (GST Incl)  and this model is delivered but has no WB stamp.

 Should bowlers require the WB stamp so as to  play competitively  the price will be $485 a set …prices are GST inclusive. Momentum can only be ordered DIRECT from Aero Bowls (cannot be ordered online please phone to order).