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Evolve for smaller hands NOW AVAILABLE

Evolve, our latest model bowl is now available in sizes from 1, 1.5,  2,  2.5,  3,  3.5,  4 all with our registered design Z Scoop Grip.


It's not true....Aero are not buying Henselite!!

Why would we. Aero are the leading brand and the world's largest manufacturer of bowls with an Ultra Modern factory making the world's most accurate bowls.

Aero always looking forwards.


In 2012, Aero Bowls bowled its first bowl. Together with Australian great Kelvin Kerkow OAM, at Ballina Bowls Club, the first Dynamic rolled down the green as perfectly as planned.

Today, the Dynamic plus 10 other models in 50 colours, 4 grips, 12 sizes and of course the same line every time, gives Aero the largest range of bowls on the planet!

With our dedicated staff, many of whom are still with us today after 9 years, we have all witnessed the growth of Aero into a worldwide phenomenon.

We are certainly the World’s #1 brand and the largest manufacturer of the world’s most accurately made lawn bowls!

Founded by passionate bowlers, Walter and Sharon Jacobs with Rod Heaton they insisted that if Aero were to make bowls they had to be accurate and perfect....something never achieved in bowls manufacturing previously.

Aero went to enormous cost to source machines that could produce such products and today these robots work tirelessly to produce perfect bowls.

In addition, they expanded into shoes and bags and currently, more Aero Shoes are worn by bowlers than any other brand while Comfitpro bags are known as the most reliable and well-made bags in the game.

Walter is now 75 years of age and has no intention to retire – devotedly stating that “once you retire, you die”.

Aero has 4 very successful retail shops in Australia plus excellent distribution in New Zealand with Henderson Bowls Club, Complete Bowls in Wellington and Eric Allison in Christchurch.

Partnered with Gerry Baker in South Africa and with Alex Marshall and Tom Stamper in the UK – Aero exports to all bowls countries around the world!

Today Aero is a highly sophisticated manufacturing unit...making bowls that bowlers can personalise in literally any way they choose and delivering them in around 3 weeks.

It is true that Aero have left their opposition lagging far behind and to prove it - our factory is open every working day and in full production, satisfying bowlers all around the world.

It’s clear that Aero’s manufacturing and marketing together with our sponsorship of Bowls Australia and close relationship with them have cemented us as the world’s #1 brand! (See Bowls Australia’s Web Site)

Above all, we have to thank our sponsored players led by Kelvin, Karen and Alex together with the tens of thousands of players that put their faith in Aero on the green knowing they use the greatest ever-made bowls.